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We don’t know if the perfect holidays really exist. But at least we think we are very close to this: Nature, nearly no tourism, good food, mainly sunny weather, and Europe’s biggest off-road area at our doorsteps, the Pyrenees.

Sant Boi de Lluçanès is located in the heart of Catalunya. From the airport Girona it’s about one hour, from the airport Barcelona one and a half.

The village itself is not spectacular but we think it’s a paradise. There are some really good restaurants around where you can get a three-course-meal at lunchtime for 10,50 € including vine and water. And there are some typical Catalan bars.

For overnight stays we’ve got lovely “Casa Rurals” which you can see here.

The village doesn’t offer a cool night life and there’s no beach nearby. If you’d like to find this book our packages to spend one or two nights in the lovely towns Cadaques or Sitges. Two days sun and beach is definitely enough, or do you really want to sit among thousands of tourists at the beach every day?

Among going off-road for one-day-trips or more we offer sight seeing packages to Barcelona or cultural trips to Figueres (e.g. museum of Dali) and tours to explore Catalunya. Join in with our shuttle or you can of course do the trips by yourself with your car or a rental car.

But if you like going off-road that’s your place. With our experienced guides you explore the Pyrenees or the smuggler routes to Andorra. And if you prefer one day trips don’t miss out the fantastic restaurants we may find half-way.

The more adventurous folks may hire a roof tent from us and explore the wilderness of the Pyrenees for a few days in a guided tour.

If you haven’t got an off-roader we can hire out one. Please ask what’s available. Here’s the contact form.

Holiday packages – just do what you want

Whatever you’re planning to do here is your choice. We offer a collection of packages. Among them are guided off-road tours for one ore more days.

Please find the list of activities here.

Arrival and Rental Car

Very often you can get very cheap flights with Ryanair from lots of airports in Europe.

As a destination you choose either Girona or Barcelona. We will pick you up there at your arrival time. Please contact us in advance.

The contact form is here.

The price per person from Barcelona is 20 €, from Girona 15 €.

Rental Car

If you would like to be independent we can offer a rental car at your destination in Sant Boi de Lluçanès. Do you need a rental car? It depends on you accommodation and your plans. If you’ve got an accommodation in the village everything is nearby and you can join in every day with our shuttle to explore Catalunya and the coast if you like.


In Sant Boi de Lluçanès and in the nearer environment there are some lovely so called “Casa Rurals”.

Some examples we’ve got here.

If you book a package with overnight stay in Sitges or Cadaques we’ll find a good hotel for you.

Whatever you need to know – contact us

We’re continuously working on our information provided on our web page.

Anyway there are always questions. Don’t hesitate to call or use the contact form.

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